1. Take Me Away

From the recording I'll Fly with You


Take Me AwayLyrics by Keoni Caravalho
When I was young the world was open wideThere was no dream too big for meOnto the road ahead I went stumbling blindI thought I knew who I wanted to be
(CHORUS)Now that story is over I’m wiser and I’m olderNow back to my dreamsSo take me away, Far from this placeEvery day, I want you to take me awayCause now I’m free to do, Whatever I want to do With whomever I choose to, Honey I choose youSo take me away
I put myself down and I walked awayTo try and fill this hole insideWalking a lonely road living day to dayYeah I was breathing but barely alive (To Chorus) Well I took a moment and looked inside myselfAfraid to see what I could seeSomewhere along the road I became someone elseYeah there was nothing left of me (To Chorus x2)