1. Sea of Faces

From the recording I'll Fly with You


Sea Of FacesLyrics by Keoni Caravalho
The crowd overwhelms me tonightIt feels like the whole world in my mindMy thoughts and my heart slowly go blindIn a calm surrender I close my eyes
(CHORUS)And in this sea of facesI see your thoughts I feel your heartThe crowd melts awayI’ve been searching for this moment my whole lifeStars dancing burning bright it’s just you and I tonightAnd in this sea of faces I open my eyes
The world disappears and the crowd is now goneStaring at the moon look what we’ve foundThe smile on your face your hand in mineIn a calm surrender I close my eyes(To Chorus) (Bridge)The world is at peace and the crowd is now goneI’m lost in your silence where I belongI close my eyes (To Chorus)