From the recording I'll Fly with You


I Wanted to Tell YouLyrics by Keoni Caravalho
I don’t know what I was just thinking aboutOh it was beautiful I’m sureThe way you move maybe It had to be anything about you and me(CHORUS)But there was something I wanted to tell youOr was it something to be shownMaybe I wanted to hold you (2nd chorus kiss you)But I’m thinking that you would’ve known don’t you thinkIf there was something I wanted to tell you
Now I don’t know where my thoughts wentI had it caught there for just a secondBut you know it’s been one of those daysAnd my mind is still slipping away(To Chorus)(BRIDGE)We both know what we’re feeling We both want it to be spokenAnd we both know that…(Last Chorus)There is something I want to tell you… though I try to hide it I know it showsBaby I love you but I’m thinking that you already knowDon’t you think that is something I wanted to tell you…should tell you…wanted to tell you