1. Cry with You

From the recording I'll Fly with You


Cry With YouLyrics by Keoni Caravalho
I see you sitting there lost in your thoughtsI see your tears I feel your aching heartI know there’s nothing now that will lift you up
(CHORUS)Yeah tonight it’ll be a long one so I’ll be the strong oneAnd I know tomorrow the sun will rise once againSo why don’t you borrow my light until thenYou’re not alone tonight the moon is our old friendSo tonight darling I’ll cry with youAnd tomorrow the sun will rise again
I know it’s hard to feel when your spirit’s downBut you’ve got a lot of love around you nowSo take your time to get yourself up off the ground (To Chorus) I know it’s hard right now for you to seeYour life’s horizon when you’re down upon your kneesBut you will make it through just put your trust in me (To Chorus)(Bridge)The sun will rise againYeah I’ll cry with youYou’re not alone(Chorus)